CEMSies Filip Biznar & Petr Boros Win the Top Spot in an International Student Competiton

CEMSies across the globe are gaining recognition for their high performance and we’re reaching out to these high flyers to discover the secrets to their success. CEMSies Filip Biznar & Petr Boros won first prize in the Mol Group Freshhh 2015 Competition, where students in teams of 3 have to build an oil corporation from scratch and make decisions on R&D projects to find rich reservoirs, build refinery for different products and find the best product portfolio to gain profit.

After hearing about the competition through advertisements at the University of Economics, Prague, CEMSies Petr, Filip and another student from the Czech Te

CEMSies Filip Biznar & Petr Boros won first prize in the Mol Group Freshhh 2015 Competition, Photo Credit: MOL Group

15 Jun 2015

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