Going to the CEMS Career Forum? Get a sneak peak at what it's like to work at Whirlpool.

08 Nov 2016

Company Adopts HKUST CEMS Student Solutions

CEMS Corporate Partner the United Overseas Bank (UOB) is a leading bank in Asia. Today, the UOB Group has a network of more than 500 offices in 19 countries and territories in Asia Pacific, Western Europe and North America. CEMS Master in International Management students studying at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) recently had the opportunity to collaborate with UOB as part of their Business Project.

HKUST CEMS students got the thrill of putting theory into practice when the UOB adopted their solutions for real issues.

03 Nov 2016

Going to the CEMS Career Forum? Get a sneak peak at what companies like Facebook are looking for in candidates.

02 Nov 2016

CEMS Alumni of the Year 2016, October Candidate: Lorraine Ansell

The CEMS Alumni of the Year is a joint campaign by the CAA in close collaboration with the CEMS Student Board, which gives the CEMS community the opportunity to learn about CEMS alumni on a monthly basis and vote for the favorite candidate as the CEMS Alumni of the Year.

Meet Lorraine Ansell, the October candidate for the CEMS Alumni of the Year 2016 election.

31 Oct 2016

Sustainable Leadership in Action

The CEMS Global Sustainability Week (GSW) is an annual event led by the Responsible Leadership Team of the Student Board. The objectives of the GSW are to raise students’ awareness regarding their role as sustainable citizens and future leaders and to provide a platform for CEMS Corporate and Social Partners to collaborate and communicate with students around sustainability issues.

“It’s amazing that for the first time almost all of the CEMS Clubs participated in the Global Sustainability Week (GSW).

26 Oct 2016

CEMS Global Sustainability Week at NHH

CEMS Global Sustainability Week recently took place from 17-21 October, giving an opportunity for student clubs from 30 academic partner schools in the CEMS Global Alliance to demonstrate their commitment to positive change in the world around them. NHH and CEMS Club Bergen was no exception, planning a variety of activities to mark the occasion, and involving CEMS partners, CEMS Alumni and industry representatives to provide positive role models for sustainable action locally and globally. Here are just a few of the great activities that NHH put together during this week.

NHH kicked off Global Sustainability week on Monday with a field trip to the Norsk Gjenvinning recycling plant in Bergen.

26 Oct 2016

CEMS Alumnus Makes Time: Reviving a Cherished Swiss Brand

CEMS alumnus, Dominik Walti, was born and raised near Saint Gallen, Switzerland in the beautiful Appenzell area. Since a very young age, he dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur. Having worked for both small and global companies, as well as well-known Swiss Watch Companies, he became fascinated by the watch industry and the associated products. In 2014, Walti and some colleagues took the leap to become entrepreneurs, by reviving the watch brand LEJON. He shares his journey with the CEMS community.

“I was always eager to learn and I appreciated the opportunity to hit the ground running and gain valuable work experience from an early age,” says Walti.

Dominik Walti

25 Oct 2016

Catching up with CEMSies: Nuria Gomez Hilari with KONE

Many CEMS graduates have chosen to work with CEMS Corporate Partners. In this interview series, we investigate how they been doing. Today, we catch up with Nuria Gomez Hilari who did her programme with ESADE Business School and Aalto University School of Business. She participated in International Trainee Programme (ITP) with KONE.

Can you tell us a bit more about your role at KONE?

19 Oct 2016

Growing Your Career

What young professionals think they should be doing for career growth is often at odds with what employers would recommend according to new research carried out by CEMS the Global Alliance in Management Education alongside its corporate partner Universum. Researchers surveyed 445 Bachelor students worldwide and 80 global HR managers. Over half of the HR managers were from companies with over 1000 employees.

While 53 per cent of the undergraduate students surveyed believed that developing technical experience helps the career growth of young professionals, on the contrary HR managers considered this to

17 Oct 2016