Humans of CEMS: How a pandemic situation can change your whole life in just two weeks.

Today, in our series Humans of CEMS, we would like to introduce you to Max Stefański, who is CEMS student 2019/20 from Poland. His home University is SGH Warsaw School of Economics and he was lucky enough to do his exchange in Autumn at Corvinus University Budapest. He loves travelling and he planned to do at least two trips outside Europe this year, well… Fortunately, he has more passions, one of which is music. For this one luckily, he has no constraints when being stuck at home 🙂

How does the coronavirus crisis impact on your daily routine? How does your life change in case of covid-19?

14 May 2020

Model UNFCCC – CEMS Climate Strategy Roleplay Continues as Scheduled

While the COP26 was postponed due to Covid-19, a group of 150 venturesome CEMS business students & faculty went ahead with a 48 hour all-online version of the Model UNFCCC climate negotiations over the weekend.

The event included a very similar level of energy in the room, compared to the physical version of the event successfully been taught for over a decade.

12 May 2020

Humans of CEMS: Patrick, CEMS Student Board Representative & Co-Organizer of the VEF Aalto and NUS

In the context of today’s difficult times, we want to share some positive news and show how we, as a global community deal with the current crisis and share some personal stories from fellow CEMSies. Social distancing, travel bans and a regain of nationalism all fundamentally go against what we stand for, but they also lead to new creative ideas that show resilience.

We will start today with Patrick, currently finishing his CEMS degree at Aalto University in Finland.

07 May 2020

CEMS Virtual European Forum

In late March 2020, under the coronavirus pandemic
situation, the Nordic Forum, V4 Conference, as well as Marenostrum had to be
cancelled. CEMS Students were worrying about the fulfilment of their skill
seminar requirements, and CEMS corporate partners lack employer branding
opportunities across CEMS community.

To provide an alternative for students and corporate partners, and to make sure that the great work of the all engaged teams was not wasted, the CEMS Student Board managed to digitize and unite the

05 May 2020

Five Insightful Business Books To Read During COVID-19

Today many leaders and managers are working harder than ever. They are revising budgets, forecasts and strategies, reviewing projects, checking in with team members and racking up long hours on Zoom conference calls. As a result, they don’t necessarily have much time to read. Nevertheless, those leaders and managers who do have spare time right now might want to invest some of it in personal development. One way to do this cheaply and easily is by reading a good business book. So, what are the titles they might like to consider in light of COVID-19? Forbes’ Sally Percy shares suggestions from CEMS Academic Member Schools:

04 May 2020

Let’s (Not) Shake on It

Shaking hands and kissing are ingrained habits, but not in all cultures. Learn more from Marie-Therese Claes, Ph.D., a Professor of Cross-Cultural Management at LSM, teaching in the CEMS Masters in International Management and part of the Global Leadership Faculty Group on her blog for Psychology Today:

Marie-Therese Claes

21 Apr 2020

Global alliance commits to welfare of “bewildered and anxious” student in “these dark times”

The Chair of the CEMS Global Alliance in Management Education, Professor Greg Whitwell, says the international network of business school’s will do its best to safeguard students and help them to graduate in what he describes as “these dark times”.

Professor Whitwell made the commitment and praised the leadership shown by Alliance management, in a letter to CEMS students and academics at 33 member schools across five continents, which deliver

25 Mar 2020

Meet The MiM7+1: The Top European Master In Management Programs

The world of American business schools is dominated by the so-called Magnificent Seven, or M7, of top MBA programs. In Europe, the Master in Management, or MiM, is the most important business education program. Potential students have dozens to choose from, so how do they start their search? Jeremy Hazlehurst, of Poets&Quants, lists the elite tier of European MiM schools — plus another highly regarded MiM that is not linked to any single school (CEMS), making this the MiM7+1:

03 Mar 2020

Learning Other Cultures

Cultural intelligence is an essential skill for graduates who take international jobs or work on diverse teams. Learn more from Marie-Therese Claes, Ph.D., a Professor of Cross-Cultural Management at LSM, teaching in the CEMS Masters in International Management and part of the Global Leadership Faculty Group, speaking with AACSB’s Bized Magazine:

03 Mar 2020

CEMS Club Conference Warsaw: Spring Semester 2020


Club Conference (CCC) took place at SGH Warsaw School of Economics on February
14th and 15th 2020. The CCC is an event organized each
semester by the CEMS Club Support (CCS) Function of the Student Board with the
aim to gather CEMS Club Presidents (CCPs) to share knowledge and best
practices, network, and to learn about global issues in the CEMS Alliance.


24 Feb 2020