The definitive path of education

“We have plunged their muscles into inaction, we have extinguished the fire of their intelligence”. We have already turned around the words that Aleu Riera wrote more than a century ago; we have put ourselves into action and we have stoked the fire of the intelligence of women (and of men), but now we must continue to move forward. Read more from the former CEMS Chair and General Director of ESADE 2010-2018, Eugenia Bieto, on the importance of women in business education from elEconomista (in Spanish):

11 Mar 2019


Responsible management and sustainable business models was the focus of a seminar that lasted over three days at NHH in February. 34 students from NHH attended the seminar, as well as several visitors from Copenhagen Business School and ESADE Business School.


11 Mar 2019

CEMS Club Conference St Petersburg: Spring Semester 2019

The CEMS Club Conference (CCC) took place at the Graduate School of Management, St. Petersburg University from March 1-2. The CCC is an event organized each semester by the CEMS Club Support (CCS) Function of the Student Board with the aim to gather CEMS Club Presidents (CCPs) to share knowledge and best practices, network, and to learn about global issues in the CEMS Alliance.

A total of 24 CEMS Club Presidents from around the world and three organizing members from the Student Board gathered in St. Petersburg for the spring 2019 edition of the CCC.

11 Mar 2019

A fat paycheck isn’t enough for new graduates; they want this instead

Young professionals entering the workforce for the first time aren’t just looking for a fat paycheck.

They invest their money according to their values, so it should come as no surprise that they want to work in a way that incorporates their lifestyle.

According to new research by the Global Alliance in Management Education (CEMS), unsurprisingly, salary came out on top as the key criteria job-seekers look for in a new role. Read on from Jessica Yun of Yahoo! Finance:

13 Feb 2019

Repatriates are a source of competitive advantage

Few companies debrief their repatriates, much less make it a priority to formally seek and use their knowledge. Repatriates return with highly-relevant global knowledge, new networks that significantly enhance their ability to get things done and connect domestic to foreign workers, a more global mindset, and new perspectives and competencies that should make the home company more competitive. Learn what steps global managers should take to get the most of this experience from HR Magazine:

11 Feb 2019